Carpet Care

Keep your carpet looking great by following our care guide. 

Daily Carpet Care

Carpet flooring is a low-maintenance flooring option for your home. While it is vulnerable to spills and stains, general carpet maintenance is fairly simple. You can learn more about carpet care and handling messes below.

Carpet care and maintenance starts and ends with vacuuming. By investing in a quality vacuum and putting it to use on a regular basis, you can help to remove dirt, dust, and other debris present in your carpet fibers. Said debris can make your carpet look grungy and give it an overall worn look. How often you need to vacuum will depend on the foot traffic in the room(s) in question.

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Carpet Spills & Stains

While carpet is vulnerable to stains, that doesn't necessarily mean that your carpet is doomed should a liquid mess occur. The key when a spill takes place is to address it immediately to avoid long-term damage. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the fibers of your carpet will get damaged. Your subflooring could also take on damage should you wait too long. When an accident happens, absorb the mess with a cloth before blotting the mess with another cloth submerged in cold water. For difficult-to-handle messes, consult your manufacturer.

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